Gabicce Mare 2018

18 May 2018

First English introduction by Piero Fusaroli, the organizer of the MG Club Italia.

Dear friends, 
we finally have the dates of the meeting MG BY THE SEA 2018 in Umbria and Gabicce.
The crews can reach their hotels in Spoleto the 18th of May in the afternoon or at least the 19th in the morning.
For those coming the 18th I will organize a dinner. 
The morning after short trip to Trevi and Montefalco, world wide known for the SAGRANTINO wine. In the afternoon, all together we will go and see the beautiful cars taking part to the MILLE MIGLIA race.
On Saturday 20th, few km far from Spoleto, we will admire the Marmore Water Falls, the highest in Europe. Then we will reach Piediluco, where we will have lunch by the lake.
After lunch we will drive along the most panoramic road of Umbria, named Valnerina. Here you will admire several small castles on the top of the hills on the sides of this ancient road, once one of the most important commercial routes from Rome to the Adriatic sea. Stop in the small village of Vallo di Nera. After the visit we will drive back to Spoleto for the gala dinner.
On Sunday 21st we will travel on the same road to reach Norcia. The town, famous for the production of cured meats and truffles, has been partially damaged during the earthquake of the last year, so our visit will be very welcomed by the local population that is now suffering the lack of tourist. On the way back along the Valnerina road we will stop in Scheggino, another charming village where we will have lunch in a restaurant located in the tranquillity of the hills in a house dated from the XVth century. In the afternoon we came back to Spoleto and we will visit the city. This is for sure one of the most beautiful town in Italy, also famous for the international FESTIVAL DEI DUE MONDI.
On Monday morning we will leave Sopleto to reach Gabicce. During our travel we will have lunch in Castiglione del Lago, a charming castel-town on the Trasimeno lake.
Starting from Tuesday till Sunday it will start the program in the area of Gabicce.

For those who have a trailer, they can leave them in Spoleto.

Later on I will communicate you further information.